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Senior Backend Platform Developer

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Required Skills

  • MySQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Authorization
  • REST
  • API
  • System Design
  • Backend Developer
  • Spring
  • SpringBoot
  • Authentication
  • RabbitMQ
  • Microservices
  • Java
  • Cassandra


About the team

The team you will join is delivering frameworks, libraries, tools and some critical services mainly to the service- and application development teams. The team is responsible for two generation of platforms, one traditional Java/Spring MVC REST API and the other a Microservice Platform based on Kubernetes and Spring Boot. The team's main responsibility is not developing REST APIs but mainly focusing on non-functional requirements i.e. security, scalability and availability. Platforms also include databases (MySQL and Cassandra) and integration bus (RabbitMQ). Majority of the team members are senior developers.


Job Description

Understand and deep dive into different tools, libraries, modules or services one after the other when features, changes and fixes needed. This will make sure you eventually have a full understanding of the platforms we deliver to the organization. Take part in discussions, design work and implementation of new services or tools or products.

Take part in having an eye on production environment (monitoring) for the relevant parts where the team has responsibility. Participate in code review and prepare patches and releases (later on) Participate in production incidents analysis and fix work when needed.



Education in some Computer Science/Electrical engineering or similar area. B.S/M.S

Interested in details and quality minded

Experience in one or more of the areas:

-design and development work in the area of authentication and authorization

-design and development work of high available systems/services

-design and development work of tools and libraries for other developers

-long experience having a key role and involvement within highly distributed systems


Notice! Presence after corona is required and remote-only will not be an alternative.