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Senior DevOps Engineers to Ikea

  • Req ID : 77701

Required Skills

  • Automated CI/CD Pipeline
  • Senior DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • XaaS


Inter IKEA Group have started the digital journey. This is a journey which requires that a new technology foundation is established for Core Business. We have started the work to set up the technical services needed to support an IT landscape that will be developed and operated in a hybrid cloud model. The technical services we deliver will enable the IT landscape to transform and take leverage on cloud computing services. We will contribute to IKEA direction by making it possible for any service 'XaaS' to be translated into an affordable, accessible, and sustainable product.

These services will enable us to create better IKEA. We are looking for the people that take individual responsibility to make sure that we deliver together as a team. Great colleagues, believing in a great IKEA vision with curiosity, drive and technical competence with a desire to make a difference, please come and join us. We take a leading approach; transforming complexity for the few into simplicity for the many. IKEA culture and values will guide us on the way, today and tomorrow.

Job Description

You will be part of a team that establishes and drives a common software development platform in a hybrid cloud model. You will be faced with the challenge of understanding what the software development platform must look like to deliver on IKEA future ambitions, and at the same time deliver software supporting our current business challenges;

  • Ensure the automated CI/CD pipeline becomes a tool for consistent and repeatable processes ultimately allowing for safer and more rapid delivery of tested software
  • Ensure that there is a holistic plan for automation of the development pipeline, working actively to implement the tools and processes required to make this happen. Everything that can be automated must be automated
  • Work cross functions closely together with other DevOps engineers to produce all required design specifications and ensure that digital solutions work together and fulfill business needs.
  • Provide support, expertise, and guidance to the consumers and developers that will utilize the development platform and services.
  • Ensure security aspects of common software development services in order to protect and secure the IKEAs brand


To Be Successful In This Role You Need To

  • Have solid leadership experience and a strong belief in the IKEA leadership approach
  • Be passionate about delivering high-quality software and bringing together people, processes, and tools to successfully get there.
  • Be curious, eager to find better ways, and have the ability to bring people together to develop good practices, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Be brave to challenge the present with a vision and a plan for the future.
  • Be knowledgeable in delivering software, where cloud-native, microservice architecture, infrastructure as code, and CI/CD pipelines are a natural part of your experience.
  • You actively acquire new knowledge, skills, and champions new methods, with an always up to date understanding of what good looks like.
Required skills Experience
DevOps At least 4 years 
Monitoring & automation At least 4 years 
Software engineering and scripting At least 4 years 


Additional Information
The position is located in south Sweden. Employment as a consultant and hired to clkients such as Ikea. This is a long term contracts.

Please send us your application – CV and letter of motivation – in English. We really want to get to know you, so make sure you tell us why you would be a good fit for this role. We are interviewing continuously and will close the advert when we find the right candidate. So don’t hesitate to apply today by submitting your CV and motivational letter in English ASAP.