How It Works

Kavcom is a different consultant company. We are more like a house of freelancers and we help each with our competence and networking.

We match the best candidates for the assignments.

Keywords for the assignments are optimized to quickly find the candidates and give notifications.

We help with your application

Use our webpage to register and get help with your application.

Get fast track Work-Permit

As a certified company, we have covered with a fast track to help you to get work permit in ten days.

What We Do

We are a group of consultants.

We are all working as consultants and we do aim to have minimal overhead employees. We aim to give you most of the benefits of being a consultant and minimize the cost of running a company with office costs, cars, company events, and advertisements. The only advertisement is to have highly skilled employees.

At the same time, the company administration handling your assignment as employment through the company which eases all troubles that comes with running a company and we do give the opportunity for consultants to decide their own expenses related to the consultancy.

Kavcom has been established in 2009 and now ready to step up with hiring more skilled consultants...